An HSA is an individually owned Health Savings Account. The account is a tax-exempt account that is managed by a trustee (bank, credit union, or insurance company) that facilitates the payment or reimbursement of qualified expenses.

Enrollment typically processes within one business day.

Account holders can update their contact information from the web or mobile app. Certain account information like a name change require the client to complete the Profile Change Request form. Contact us if you need assistance at 866-472-7353 or [email protected] (Do not send confidential information via email).

Daily limits are applied to the amount of contributions being processed in a given day and are based on company specific factors. The limits will be displayed in your company profile so that you are aware and can request changes.

If you need assistance, contact SelfcareHSA by phone at 866-472-7353 or email us at [email protected]. Please do not use this email to send confidential information. If you need to send confidential information, please contact us by phone to get a secure email setup.

Within 8 business days of an account opening, sooner if an account holder completes the registration process through their employee online portal or from SelfcareHSA mobile app.

An account for an employee that has not passed the identity verification process will be opened. However, the employee will have 30 days to provide verifying documentation. If the employee fails to provide the requested information SelfcareHSA will close the account and send any funds that may have been contributed, to the address we have on file for the employee. Additional requirements or conditions may apply.