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A New Kind of Health Savings Account (HSA) Platform

Health Savings Accounts
for Today and Future


We Are Different

  • Designed by our HR benefit team with both the employer and employee in mind
  • Layering innovative technology over 50-years of Sunwest Bank’s solid custodial experience
  • SelfcareHSA is the only HSA provider that is the bank, developed the technology, and maintains full control of the platform

Employer Advantages

  • No monthly minimums, no group setup or renewal fees
  • Quick and easy registration process completed in 1-2 days
  • Customized permission access at the touch of a button 
  • Single view dashboard with key trends and data
  • Simple company profile maintenance
  • Ability to default to group notifications for payroll and HR


  • Easy and convenient automated enrollment processes
  • Employee accounts opened from file instead of one at a time by employees
  • Using SFTP which is both scalable and economical

Service and Security

  • Security in its best form. MFA via phone, text or email
  • Secure Message Portal allows you to declutter your email inbox
  • Helpful tools and resources available 24×7 online and in mobile app
  • Bilingual employer and employee email and phone support

Your Employees will Appreciate the Experience

  • SelfcareHSA is 100% mobile-enabled
  • Replace lost, stolen or damaged debit cards with just one click online or from the mobile app
  • Competitive investment offering with low minimum requirement to invest 
  • Seamless investment enrollment and funding process
  • Simple to use, easy to understand


  • Simple contribution process with a drag and drop process 
  • Contributions via ACH for swift processing 
  • Process employer and employee contributions in a single file
  • Modify pending contributions 
  • Ability to designate contribution tax year

Get Started Today!

A New Kind of Health Savings Account (HSA) Platform